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Pre-Loved Exclusive Sozy Style (SINGLE ITEM)



Size: S

Condition: Excellent Condition

Seller Notes: These black pants are exclusive and have never been sold on the Sozy website. They are in excellent condition with no defects, worn and washed only one time. I love these pants so much, but I have too many pairs of black pants. I basically have too many Sozy items and need to make room in my closet. Please be sure to check my other listings to bundle!

For Pre-Loved Resale purposes. NOTE: This product is from the Exclusive Mystery Bag. DO NOT list or buy if the product does NOT contain an inner care label or Sozy main label. DO NOT list or buy a Sozy Mystery Bag. Mystery Bags are ONLY sold at the Sozy Store and/or by the founder, Lanai Moliterno. Any false Sozy Mystery Bag listing should immediately be reported to Treet customer service or 


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Sold by Gloria C

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