Pre-Loved Exclusive Sozy Style (SINGLE ITEM)



Size: S

Condition: Good Condition

Seller Notes: I received this as part of a sustainable pre-loved mystery bag. I have never worn this piece as I received it when I was pregnant and it does not look like it will fit me, plus I don't wear white pants (mother of three messy small people). I could not find any defects but that does not mean there aren't any that I did not detect. There is no original label but I included the interior label. The fabric is soft but somewhat thin; I do not think it would be see-through and I assume the top panel is to fold over. They look to fall at the calf.

For Pre-Loved Resale purposes. NOTE: This product is from the Exclusive Mystery Bag. DO NOT list or buy if the product does NOT contain an inner care label or Sozy main label. DO NOT list or buy a Sozy Mystery Bag. Mystery Bags are ONLY sold at the Sozy Store and/or by the founder, Lanai Moliterno. Any false Sozy Mystery Bag listing should immediately be reported to Treet customer service or 


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